Life Coach in Harrogate

Catherine Bonello

BSc PGCE QTS Cert Coaching Dip Coaching
Hello, I’m Catherine Bonello and I’m a qualifed counsellor/coach/teacher, practising personal coaching within the Harrogate, Ripon and Knaresborough area of North Yorkshire. If you are looking at life coaching websites at the moment, you may be feeling that your life is lacking in some area but you can’t quite identify what it is. Or perhaps you need support and encouragement in making certain changes that you know deep down, need to happen?
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How can a life coach help you?


Personal relationships and how you interact with others.


Your health and body image (including weight loss, stopping smoking, starting exercise).


Time management, money management and job satisfaction.


Self awareness and Confidence

You may come for personal coaching with a particular issue already identified.
However, we can incorporate other aspects of your life (if you wish) to give a more holistic approach to necessary changes.

There’s a first time for everything

This is my first ever ‘blog’.  Seven words in, it seems to be going along...

There’s a first time for everything

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